Smoke And Mirrors: Slow Cars That Look Fast

Some sporty cars can be very deceptive. While they may look like a tire-smoking hot rod, they are actually no faster than the average family sedan. Here are a few cars that look fast, but in reality they are not.

Honda CR-Z
The Honda CR-Z is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Although the hatchback’s sporty exterior may intimate some people, the CRZ is really a non-threatening daily-driver. With a total output of just 130 horsepower, the CRZ’s on-road performance can be described as being docile. However, the good news is that the CR-Z does deliver fairly good gas mileage.

Subaru BRZ
In regards to appearance, the Subaru BRZ remains one of the most attractive sports cars on the market. While many drivers have raved about the BRZ’s fun-to-drive character, the curvaceous coupe is unlikely to win many drag races. The Subaru BRZ’s most adoring qualities are its razor-sharp handling and affordability.

Mitsubishi Lancer GT
On the outside, the Mitsubishi Lancer GT has the curb appeal of a legitimate sports sedan. The car’s aggressive stance and blacked-out grille leads some onlookers to believe that it is a true speedster. The reality is that the Mitsubishi Lancer GT is quite slow, especially when equipped with a continuous variable transmission.

Chevrolet Sonic RS
There is no overlooking the Sonic’s sporty design. Equipped with a mesh grille and motorcycle-like headlights, the Sonic RS maintains a very macho appearance. However, the sedan’s 138-horsepower engine is far from powerful. If you are seeking a stylish and fuel-efficient vehicle to drive on a daily-basis, the Sonic RS certainly fits that description.

Nissan Versa Note SR
Do not expect the Versa Note SR to deliver a very exciting driving experience. At first glance, some car shoppers may think that the small hatchback is actually somewhat fast. However, taking a spin in the Versa Note SR will quickly change their mind. The Versa Note SR is a basic vehicle that promises to get you from point A to point B with no fuss.

Fiat 500 Abarth
Engineered with one of most aggressive-sounding exhaust systems in the business, the Fiat 500 Abarth is destined to turn a few heads. While the 500 Abarth does not deserve to be called slow, it is certainly not the fastest car on the road. The car’s racy styling and muscular exhaust note help to create an illusion.